I am honored to work with motivated, focused, heart-centered and committed clients who are looking to grow their business and find financial freedom. Below are some of the kind words I’ve heard from them after we’ve worked together.

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“Coaching with Megan helped bring my personal values and goals together with my business. By helping me first identify what I need and want to maintain my lifestyle, we then identified the goals for my business. She did this by really understanding my business first and then put numbers to my story — where I am and where I’m going. Working with Megan has been empowering. She is clear, professional and, above all, she is a champion for my success, bolstering my faith that I can do this!” – Susan G.

“I started working with Megan about six months ago and the results have been amazing.  We identified attainable goals and created a roadmap of how to get there.  Her skills with organization, technology, and overall business acumen have elevated my business. I highly recommend her!” – Matt B.

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"Through working with Megan, I've gained the clarity and confidence to move forward in building my  business. She gave me valuable insights to consider and held me accountable to actions I wanted to do along the way.  As a result of my work with her, I have increased my client fees by 230%!" – Stephanie B.