What is the Gyrotonic method?

Strengthening, spiraling, stretching, lengthening, and energizing are words commonly used to describe the Gyrotonic method. It is a unique and holistic movement system using specialized equipment to promote fluid, multi-dimensional movement. Principles of yoga, Pilates, martial arts, swimming, and dance can be observed in the movements of Gyrotonic exercises.

Who can benefit from this type of movement?

The Gyrotonic method is for people seeking increased strength, flexibility, coordination, injury prevention or rehabilitation, sports performance, or greater health and wellbeing. It's accessible to people of all ages and adaptable to all fitness backgrounds. For more background on the Gyrotonic method, read this article and watch this video.


Movement background

Megan has a background in gymnastics, dance, diving, soccer, rowing, cycling, and strength training. Megan trained to become a yoga instructor in 2011 and a Gyrotonic Trainer in 2018. She has been captivated by how the Gyrotonic method challenges our physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects and shares the freedom, grace, and fluidity of the practice with others.

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Session information

Megan is certified to teach the Gyrotonic method. She offers private training sessions along with small group classes for two to four people.

Classes are held at Embody Minneapolis at 3041 Aldrich Avenue South, Minneapolis 55408 on weeknights and weekends.