Have you ever wanted to sit down with someone to do a pulse check on how your business is performing and how you’re doing physically, mentally, emotionally and spirtually? That is precisely what the business check up is.


The business check up is a private 2-hour consulting and coaching experience where we determine the current state of your business and the systems you have in place, your vision for your life and business, barriers standing in your way, money mindset and your current self-care and spiritual practices.

From there, we determine the top strategies you can employ to improve your strategy, systems, self-care and spirit connection.

Prior to the session, there is pre-work for you to complete so we can spend our time focusing on the path forward rather than filling me in on all the details.


What’s included?

  • 2-hour consulting/coaching session (in person/online/phone)

  • Email support throughout the month following our session

  • Business dashboard for you to begin to track the financial health of your business

  • Recap after our session including notes, resources, and the strategies we’ve chosen to implement for your business

I limit the number of clients I coach to ensure I can give you the focus you need to thrive in your business. The people who are most attracted to working together are motivated, action-focused, committed and heart-centered.

This type of program may be for you if this describes you:

  • You’ve had your business for several years and are looking to optimize it.

  • You started your business to help others and didn’t realize the marketing, financial and administrative work would be so time consuming and overwhelming.

  • You’re looking for ways to scale your business but also find more freedom in your weeks.

  • Hiring team members is a constant struggle to find the right fit for the long-term.

  • There is little time for learning and growth because all time is devoted to your business.

  • You constantly feel stressed about your business and life.

  • You’re nervous about how others rely on you now for their income and you don’t want to let them down.

This program may not be for you if:

  • You’ve recently started your business (I am at my best when optimizing a business).

  • The financials of your business are stressful. I would suggest my Revenue + Retention 6-week program instead.

  • You’re not ready to take action on the items we identify in our session.

  • You have a negative vibe. Positivity is crucial in business and life.

Clients may start with the business checkup and then work with me on an hourly basis as needed.

Ready to start the Business Checkup?