Love people, use things

Earlier in life, I had small glimpses of what I would now know as my spirit. When I was 16, I was part of a mission trip to El Salvador. Being there helped shape an evolving worldview on what's important: love people rather than things.

Over the past decade and specifically the past 2 years or so, being aware of my spirit and listening to her has been a much more visible part of my life. Yoga teacher training, a regular meditation practice, learning the Gyrotonic method, homeopathy and attending the Hoffman Process have all been catalysts for this deeper awakening.

Sometimes I don't know exactly where all of this is leading and it can be uncomfortable at times. Finding people who are in a similar spot is incredibly helpful. Later this week, Adam Dince and I will be recording an episode for his new SpiritWoke podcast about this spiritual adventure and I'm curious to see where the conversation takes us.

What I do know thus far is the more I am guided by my spirit/intuition/soul, the more connected I feel to others, nature and purpose. There's no dogma or religion to it, it's outside of that for me.