A path to clarity

Going forward, I'll be sharing more about the inspirational health and wellness professionals I've guided on finding clarity and growing their business. Today, I'm highlighting Susan Gaines. Susan is the founder of Embody Minneapolis, a local Gyrotonic studio.

A Gyrotonic studio is a challenging business to develop: it doesn't have the mainstream appeal of yoga or Pilates, it is an investment of time and financial resources and the model is private sessions or small group sessions rather than a large class of students.

About a year ago, I asked Susan if she had considered working with a business consultant. She hadn't and about 6 months later approached me on partnering together. What has been most powerful for her is a custom business dashboard I created to give her clarity on how the business is performing monthly/quarterly/annually and how many clients she and the other teachers need to train each month to achieve her financial goals.

Before having the dashboard, this information was obscured for her. Now she enters in her data every month to see how she's doing. For Susan, it's given her accountability without the fear of shame and judgment.

Embody soared in 2018 and I cannot wait to see the studio continue to flourish throughout 2019!