trust your instinct.

Have you ever consciously gone against your instinct on something and later regretted it? I trust my instinct more often now but on one important decision in 2017, I didn’t. At the time, the decision in front of me was whether to focus on negotiation or health and

Training people (mostly women!) on how to negotiate their compensation felt important, timely, and satisfying. It also was a topic coming up in many conversations and felt like a clear path to a successful consulting business. Health and wellness felt saturated and difficult
to differentiate.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you clearly know the choice: negotiation. 2017 was a year of numerous speaking engagements, workshops, and 1:1 coaching. I enjoyed it and found it meaningful but consistently had a nagging feeling it was the wrong choice.

The nagging feeling kept gaining steam and by the fall of 2017, I finally started to pay attention. The past few months have been full of reflection and figuring out what I most want to offer others. While I’m still figuring out the specifics, it’s squarely within the health and wellness world and will likely be a combination of movement, meditation, self-care, nutrition, and other holistic health practices.

I realize most of you are reading this because you want to learn how to negotiate in your career. If you are looking for people to follow on this topic, check out She Negotiates, Melissa Hereford, and The Worth Project .

If you’re interested in sticking around to see what the future brings with this new focus, excellent! One small technique to offer today is a 3-breath meditation. I learned this exercise recently and love the simplicity of it: pay deep attention to your next three breaths. I tend to take deeper, slower breaths into my belly and heart center than normal when practicing this.

Simply by noticing the inhales and exhales of three deep breaths can center us and bring a feeling of calm. I find myself doing this several times a day during meetings at work, when I’m driving, or when I have a few moments to myself. For an even deeper experience,
place both hands over your heart as you pay attention to the next three breaths. 

More health and wellness content will be coming to the blog in the near future!