the end of 2017

It’s the time of year when many priorities are competing for attention and yet I’m starting to reflect on the past year. The main question I’m asking is this: did 2017 match up to the desire map I created at the beginning of the year? In numerous ways, the answer is yes. It’s been a year of ambiguity and change but also significant professional and personal growth.

2018 is rapidly approaching and I’m nearly ready to turn my attention toward my intentions for the coming year. I imagine the same is true for you and one of the areas you may be thinking about is career growth and opportunities.

Back in November, I co-hosted on the So Money podcast with Farnoosh Torabi. We answered several questions from her listeners and it was incredibly fun. We answered a question about how to start the conversation on a promotion with your boss and also about the benefits of having a side hustle along with a full-time job. So Money episodes are chock full of interesting and relevant information; I recommend it to anyone looking to increase financial awareness.  

For those of you negotiating promotions and raises as we wrap up 2017, I wish you luck and would love to hear the result.