is it time to ask for a raise?

Recently, a friend asked me “how do I know when I should ask for a raise?” There are two sides to this: when your contributions deserve a raise and when your organization is in a position to offer one. Let’s focus on the first part for today.

The simple answer: self-awareness. More specifically, awareness of what your role requires, whether or not you’re clearly going above and beyond, and if others are praising your great work. Additionally, an element of self-promotion is important. Be humble but also strive to share one or two successes each time you meet with your manager. The more she knows about your contributions, the better armed she will be to make a case to her boss for giving you more money.

Take a moment to reflect on the past 6-9 months. Have you proactively initiated projects that stretch your capabilities, delivered value to your organization, and shared your wins with your manager? Are you hearing positive comments frequently from your manager and other managers? If the answer is yes to all, it’s time to consider asking for more. In upcoming posts, I’ll share how to go about doing so and when during the year is the best time to ask.