2019 visioning

As 2019 approaches, I’ve started thinking about themes for the upcoming year. After a day of reflection at Creators Space in St. Paul in mid-November, the themes I’ve landed on are self-compassion, spontaneity and feeling grounded. I also had a chance to craft a revised vision for my life and career and will be re-reading this on a daily basis going forward.

Many of us created a business vision long ago and have not revisited it for years and for others, this concept is new. Take 30 minutes this week to sit down and answer the following:

-How do you want your business to feel on a daily basis?
-What would you like more of or less of in your business?
-How would you describe your ideal client?
-Which of your strengths should you be using more regularly?
-How do you care for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of yourself?

Craft these answers into a short card you can review on a daily basis and begin to see your vision come to life in small but impactful ways. I’ll be curious to hear if this practice changes how you approach your days, weeks, months and year.