do you have a grateful heart?

I'll admit it. Oprah's Super Soul podcast captures my interest more than any other. As I listened today, she asked her guest about the most instrumental lessons from each parent. After hearing his answers, I thought about how I would respond.

Growing up and even to this day, my dad will ask if I have a grateful heart. Such a simple question. And the answer? I think so, at least most of the time. The past two weeks have been challenging after a minor foot procedure rendered me immobile and in pain for several days. I'm in a boot brace now as it heals and have decided to tell people it's my new fashion statement in order to make light of it (and because it gets old to tell the same story to about 150 people at work).

This situation has been a training ground to practice having a grateful heart. It is zero fun, makes everything take 2x as long and is sometimes painful but I'm grateful this is temporary for me rather than what is permanent for many others. I'm grateful for a partner who has helped me out in small and big ways. I'm grateful to have a job where my leader completely trusts me to work remotely for a week. I'm grateful to have a friend who could step in as my physician on this and chart a better course of action. I'm grateful my mind still works even if my body is not on the same page. I'm grateful I can still do yoga and know how to be creative with how I modify it. This could be like prison for someone who loves to be active (and some days it is) but it's giving me a new lens from which to view the world. So the question is, how do you grow your grateful heart?