Hello! I’m Megan Betterman, Business + Lifestyle Strategist for health and wellness business owners. It can be overwhelming and stressful to maintain or grow your health or wellness business. You started this endeavor to share your wisdom, knowledge and skills to help others heal or live more healthfully. 

The numerous pieces of running a business can leave you running ragged and eventually compromising your own health and potentially your business. The struggle you may be experiencing is common to owners and practitioners of health and wellness businesses. By partnering with me as a business consultant and coach, we can address these challenges and position your business for success while nourishing your passion for the work.

I combine my background as a Digital Marketing Leader at a large health care organization, a Registered Yoga Teacher/ Gyrotonic Trainer and deep spiritual interest to offer you the knowledge, systems, accountability and self-care practices to scale your business and feel energetic simultaneously. 

As someone who has encountered numerous health challenges, I am deeply interested in nurturing health and wellness organizations. If you’re here, you’ve started the first step of financial freedom and feeling less stressed by your business. I can’t wait to meet you and begin partnering with you!  

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I earned a Master of Business Administration from St. Catherine University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of St. Thomas. I’m currently a Business + Lifestyle Strategist for health and wellness business owners in the Twin Cities and beyond. As a Registered Yoga Teacher and certified Gyrotonic Trainer, I’m teaching at Embody Movement Studio in Minneapolis. I spend my free time strolling around the lakes in Minneapolis, traveling the world, experimenting with healthy recipes, and investigating the integrative health world. 

Interested in partnering together? Contact Megan to begin the conversation